The earth is yours helps to make it greener-it’s the time to say no to plastic

Reports show that our environment is filling up with plastic and by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our waterways. Single-use plastics bags are a huge part of the problem. The problem is that these bags contain polyethylene and cannot biodegrade. If they aren't recycled or disposed of properly, they become pollution to soil, water, air, etc. 
This equals trouble for not only us and our environment but animals and other wildlife as well. They don’t break down, only break into smaller pieces and they do not biodegrade within any human timescale. By stopping the distribution of plastic bags at the point of sale, and motivating people to use reusable bags, we can stop this pollution before it starts.

The plastic pollution problem can feel overwhelming, but there are actions we can all take to make a difference. Here are some best practices we like to share with you to avoid plastic usage from our daily lives. Don’t use single-use plastics This category includes plastic ba…

Join the Green revolution- Make a difference

Kerala, known as God's own country” is one of the largest manufacturing places in India for Areca nuts.  Areca palm trees shed their leaves naturally and we effectively use these leaves for producing the value added palm plate dishes.
Areca leaf plates are a perfect alternative to Plastics/Polymer-based products, which the entire world is concerned about. A 100% natural mechanism is followed for manufacturing these plates also maintain durability and optimum quality standards at every level of production.


The Areca palm leaves are fresh, thick, non-toxic and free from any chemicals. These palms leave with the sheaths fall naturally three or four times a year. We can collect two or three pieces sheaths from one tree at a time.

These dry Areca Leaf Sheaths thoroughly cleaned in water to remove dirt and dust using a brush. These soaked sheaths, when dried will be more flexible for pressing.

3. Pressing with Heat
The leaf undergoes very high te…